Dear God,


I just want to thank you for all the good things you have ever done for me and my family. I realize that you have been steadfast in protecting us all. I realize that you have been merciful and loving and kind. You have always provided for us when we thought there was no way. You have given us successes to light the path in our darkest hours. You are always there. You are mother and father. Thank you for being, Great Being. Thank you, God, for giving us life.

I pray, God, that you continue to protect us all and allow ALL of my family to be together in happiness, peace, comfort, love, freedom, forgiveness, acknowledgement, understanding, wealth, and supreme wellness. Thank you for caring for me and my family always. Thank you for being so good. I love you, God.

Dear God, please help my brother. Give him the grace, strength, foresight, wisdom, knowledge, power and protection– your divine and almighty protection– to help him ALWAYS stay safe and stay peaceful and stay beautiful and blessed and free from incarceration and free from blight and free from the hurts of racism and free from failure and free from criminalization and criminality, and Holy God, please continue to bless my brother always, and bring him home to us safe and sound as soon as possible with not a smidgen and not one bit of him injured and may the greatest of successes fill and protect his present and future and past and always, and always I pray to you God, the UNIVERSE, that YOU PROTECT my brother– as you have always done– from all that would harm him or cause harm in any way or shape or form to him or (his) yours– and my family, dear God, is yours, AMEN and ISE!!!

Thank you so much for always listening to me and always being there for me, thank you God, thank YOU.


Love always,

Your child