My Love,

Today is Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King Junior day. I had a good day and two moments especially were very pleasant. The first was opening the curtains so I could see the sun. The second was a little kid who kept staring at me from its stroller in the corner store. I made faces and laughed to make it happy. It said not a word, made not a peep; and, for the most part– apart from one smile or two– kept the same facial expression. Finally, as its grandma(?) was wheeling it away, it pointed at a bag of popcorn and sort of murmured at me that it wanted the popcorn. So I bought it for the baby. I haven’t felt so happy in a minute! It felt so awesome to do something nice for a wee bairn, as the Scottish in those old books I used to read would say.

Love to you and sending you blessings and prayers,