Hey Babe,

How’s it going?

We got your Christmas card. It’s so beautiful and loving. We both were moved by your loving language. I’ve put it on display on my piano. I love it!

So I actually made myself go to kung-fu class today. I feel pretty proud of it because it was so hard and today was so cold I really didn’t want to do anything. It’s interesting how expending physical energy by working out makes you feel better. Honestly, I also think it kind of creates positive vibes out in the world for you.

The little one actually gave me a phonecall today and left a voicemail. It was very cute. I missed the call because of class though.

The holidays are so sad to me without you. I can’t wait til we can sit and stare at a Christmas tree together.

Love you a lot bro, keep your head up. I’m sending you blessings always. God loves you.