Dear Brother,

How are you today?

I hope you are well.

I think of you so often-

When I’m walking around,

When I’m about to eat,

When I go to sleep,

When I’m working,

When I’m in class,

When I watch TV,

When I spend time with friends

Or talk to family,

When I read the news

Or surf the Internet,

When I’m alone,

When I’m lonely,

When I’m with others

And comforted by company,

At the movies,

In cars,

When someone offers me a drink,

When it’s sunny or raining


I think of you so much,

Your experience,

When I breathe the air

and smell spaces,

Or taste food,

When I EAT

When I choose

When I choose

When I move about

the world,

I pray

You come home soon.