My Love,

I’ve been thinking of you quite often today.

It’s interesting- I often wish the world were different and that the struggles I know you experience were made easier by a more forgiving and compassionate world. But I learned something today.

I learned how opportunities to implement CHANGE appear for us all the time; however, if we are not true to our beliefs, true to our highest ideals, true to giving love to all other beings, we can muck it up and just end up being part of this terrible, destructive machine we’ve let loose on the world.

The lesson I learned today was about exclusion. I had an opportunity to decide whether or not to open up an opportunity. At first, I chose not to, because I imagined that it might be an inconvenience for me. Then, some hours later, watching a beautiful person who has most probably experienced a lot of exclusion WIN when they were given the opportunity, I became filled with great embarrassment and sorrow at myself and how untrue I was being to my beliefs and I immediately went and corrected my mistake.

So, I learned something today. I learned that EVERYONE DESERVES AN OPPORTUNITY TO THRIVE AND TO SHOW THAT THEY CAN SUCCEED. Someone I know said “Everyone that is born deserves to fulfill their highest potential.”

I thank the Universe for giving me this lesson in such a gentle way.

I love you always, I hope the Universe continues to bless you greatly and protect you and keep you safe and return you home to us with not a smidgen of you injured.

Your sister,