My love,

Thinking about you as always across the distance. Today, tried to watch some of the Lockup Raw show on the Internet. It just made me sad. What a sad world we live in. I saw one guy get an additional several months in solitary for punching another inmate. Then I just read a story by the New York Times saying that long prison sentences are responsible for 5 million Americans living below the poverty line, that prison is costing families of incarcerated people millions of dollars, that families of incarcerated people are doing time on the outside. They profiled a man with a wife and two daughters who got twenty years for dealing drugs. Sad, sad world. I DO have hope! I only wish that time went faster and humanity could reach its (hopefully) eventual amelioration-of-intelligence faster. One day a lightbulb is going to off in our society’s head and we’ll realize that you can’t put two million people in little boxes and dehumanize them for decades on end and not expect all of society to become an angry, economically-depressed, isolating, violent place. Although we separate prisoners from society, the mindset of being incarcerated and incarcerating permeates all America. We have become a country of cruel jailors (who have a sad job) and desperately-sad jailed. Come quickly, recognition! Come faster, wisdom! It is hell to put immense stretches of time between people that love one another, or to isolate people for long stretches of time. And the statistics say it is hurting us all.

I pray always for your safety, your speedy release, your safety, your good health, your wellness, that you remain protected by GOD. You are tremendously loved. Stay peaceful.