Hello dear darling brother,

One main thought and two anecdotes in my day:

1. I hobbled around, injured and in pain trying to navigate doors that were too heavy for me to open and rude passers-by pushing me because I moved much too slow and causing me even more pain every time they bumped into me…

2. I saw and spoke with a weeping child who was being bullied by other children on the street and told him to report them to his teacher and his principal and to demand that the adults in charge of his schooling make the abuse stop.

What’s the thought, you ask?

It’s this:

that we limited humans have no idea how terrible and painful anything is unless we are experiencing it. It is so common to dismiss or not prepare for the possibility and magnitude of another’s pain.

I wish for all to treat one another as though they were in another’s situation, and more, to wonder what it must feel like.

Love always,