Dear Heart,

I find this news about the shooting at that elementary school so terribly sad. I’ve been reading news comments on different websites and it seems most people agree– our nation needs a conversation about both gun control and resources for people with mental illness. The thing is, I believe that if we were able to have and to act successfully upon those two issues, our moral fabric as a nation would change. It would mean more empathy as a culture and at the same time, less violence as a culture. Oh, I hope it will happen! God protect us all when we insist on not giving a damn for the deep troubles some people face mentally and then make it a law that they can get guns. Further even, I see a link between the level of violence and lack of empathy towards mentally ill people and the persistence of the death penalty. It’s almost like we all need to be healed from cruelty and violence in this country.

Stay safe and peaceful, my love. So good to hear your voice today!

-Your sis