Dear Cat,
As usual, I pray for your continuing safety.
I had a dream yesterday in which I was trying to lead a group of people to safety through an art gallery, the back of which opened up into a raw space that was a market I hung out in Nigeria with our maternal grandmother. I could see through the slats on which I stood with the others I was leading (on which Grandma sat with one of her acquaintances) the bustling market below.
This moment, I am thinking how much I like my job, how much I want to continue being involved solving the difficult problems of the world. It is where I belong. I hope that I am able to find ways to remain on this path. I feel peaceful.
I look forward with joy to talking to you tomorrow. I loved talking to you today. Can’t wait until that 15-minute lady no longer cuts us off. Can’t wait to travel home with you.
One blood and Love,