Dear Cat,


I’m trying to write you a letter and S is in the background singing. My first thought was to get annoyed- can’t he see that I’m trying to do something serious? I guess the lesson is to consider that you can’t control things. What you want doesn’t necessarily always matter, unless it matters. It’s difficult figuring out when it is to assert one’s self. S just tried to talk to me as I am typing. I think now is the time to assert myself. I said, “Just a second, S.” and have continued typing without a break. We’re learning, you and I. I wish for you it was under better circumstances. If I’m getting annoyed with one person humming songs, making noises, it has to be so hard for you locked in a tiny room with so many people, many of whom feel so hopeless, they don’t care about trying to be considerate of others. That’s another question and issue, I guess- someone should create a manual of how to keep your humanity under difficult circumstances. Another project?





P.S. You were supposed to call today and haven’t. It’s ok because we’re going to eat dinner BUT I HOPE you are ok. I never know if you are and that is a terrible feeling. It’s terrible to always be deeply worried about someone. Will the government reimburse me for my worrying? It’s probably aging me, might be ruining my health even. More love here.