Dear Brother,

I am glad and feel lucky for what I’ve read so far of the book you are writing- to understand better what you live, what amenities and kindnesses do not exist, to understand how truly fucked our processes, plans and actualizations / policies of redressing DEBT are. I find it incomprehensibly dysfunctional, abusive, barbaric and broken that we stack human beings in tiny cages, thousands of them. It is not the punishing as much as the punishment that is so utterly against everything we stand for individually, each one of us, as human beings. Only the insane feel otherwise. Only the dead lack compassion.

Does breath still breathe in our world? Perhaps more work needs to be done to communicate the fragility of the human psyche, the fragility of our human be-ing. I imagine if we teach empathy, caring, our world will be a better place. We have to become families again. I imagine, if real humans (I mean innovative people unimpeded by the motives of monetary or other profit other than safety) designed cars, there would be breathalizers necessary to driving them. What are products that really care about our safety and good choices like? We put oxygen masks in airplanes, run safety presentations upon each entry in them and you want to tell me we haven’t figured out more safety protocols when it comes to cars which have many times the accidents of airplanes? We are responsible for our choices as much as we can control them… It bugs me that you were on anti-anxiety medication when this all went down. It feels like just another finger of the company, the corporation that puts profit ahead of humanity, that so successfully markets and collects debt.

I read somewhere once that if the government made it a priority to have zero crime, there would be less prisons. No prisons then no money for these companies, no money in some cases for the town depending on jobs at the prison. Sad, sad, world “which opens its veins.”

The other whose life your carelessness helped lose is unique and priceless. Do we then destroy another unique and priceless life for another already lost? It seems cumulative idiocy. The price of doing time is not merely one’s time, it is one’s ability to be the way God meant us to be, to be. Our system of retribution is backward, brutal and blood-drinking, leaving doubly-gaping sinkholes that swallow entire families and generations where perhaps one half of one existed before. More terrifying, the vast network of companies private, defunct and condemnable in the eyes of any aware community of persons that create policy within our government to enact condemnation and to act out condemnation of human beings. I am always struck by how victims often want to forgive… I myself forgive. If you can hear me, I forgive you.

We must take back our businesses and our corporations and our government. What structures and laws were meant to function in the service of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness of every one now work as a factory for causing despair, unhappiness, PAIN, loss, debt and demanding that we pay money, lives, time, existence, the health of our planet and humanity for products we did not originally want. America, you are so good at companies, we have 25 percent of the world’s prisoners. Will we eventually have 100 percent in another 100 years?

I was wondering yesterday how it came about that some people own land and others do not. Not that one should not be able to purchase land if he or she would like it but, who gave the seller the land in the first place? I mean, how does anyone come to own anything?? And now I remember how some of the Native Americans did not believe it was possible to own such a thing as land. This is not an idea that should merely be romanticized. It is simply truth, history and maybe the way we are meant to be. Certainly, we had to be happy without debt. Certainly, God did not herself-himself sell some of us the land and have the rest of us discarded beggars who can not exist.

I see, know, hear and feel you my dear brother.

We will be here for you when you are free, soon, God willing, prison system too.


Your sister