I pray that very soon Americans will come to realize the moneyed corporate-government interests that keep our citizens in prison longer than any other country on earth and that keep more people imprisoned in this country than anywhere else on earth. I pray that we will realize that this has been and continues to be a re-incarnation of slavery; furthermore, that the government acknowledges that chattel slavery is still legal for prisoners in America. I pray that we will realize that public sex offender registration harms families, ruins lives and stigmatizes entire generations of people who have done absolutely nothing wrong. America has abolished slavery many times. I hope we do it again. I hope we abolish prison. It is a rot on which corporations feed to support the moneyed interests of government. That which rots are the lives and souls of American people eaten by the carelessness, mistakes, mismanagement, mis-education, lack of rehabilitation and lack of empathy of a system dedicated to making money by misdirecting and manipulating people in a matrix of parasitic capitalism. I try to be honest, kind and law-abiding always, trying to put love out into the world. But I must say that I am terrified of my government, which I feel is no longer bound by the constitution or bill of rights and which periodically displays behavior that is shocking and outside of our system of checks and balances and outside of what all human beings feel is moral. I hope so much that America will do what it says it believes in– “liberty and justice for all”.