When you called tonight for money that I didn’t have, I thought about the fact that you did not call someone who you know has because you thought she needed to sleep.

I thought

Don’t I need to sleep? My time zone is one hour ahead of hers.


There are spaces in which it is a good idea to remain self-sufficient. Family should not be one of those places. In a family, the one who needs should receive.

In our family it’s the ones that don’t have that are made into servants. Must give give give and never be empathized with in their needing. Must become caretakers of those that have.

(I could be talking about America, I know, but this is just our family).

I don’t know if you knew but tonight I had your back just like I told you.

Expressing my experience honestly meant revealing the truth of your experience also-

You and I we do not have.

They should know that because they keep asking us to give when they should be taking better care of us.

The struggle for freedom from our tyrant father’s manipulations continue. He could convince you your best friend was your enemy. But he cannot change the truth of what you live and have lived, that liar.

I love you always and always give what I have.