I was looking for some wonderful news from the world to share with you.

Couldn’t really find much.

Was talking with some teachers a couple of days ago about the shape that the world we are leaving for future generations is in. I can only hope that children growing up behind us will look at all the pain and trouble in the world and know that it does not have to be so hard or so bad. For goodness’ sake, we’re going to be out of drinking water worldwide in 20 years! I hope so much that future generations will figure out how to share wealth so everyone can live comfortably while those who innovate can still be credited for their inventions. There’s so much I hope for future generations…

Honestly, I wish everyone on Earth could get together in a special meeting. The meeting would last one whole year. We would use the internet and blogs. We’d start out by assessing what our most pressing problems were as one species. We would narrow down to maybe the most pressing 25 problems. We would discuss how interrelated those problems are. We would decide what needs to change everywhere. We would build a network of action, relay and communication between every country, every person, every home. It wouldn’t be like the UN where certain countries have much greater power than others and can prevent certain other countries from joining. This meeting would be open to everyone. It’s purpose would be to try and establish peace on Earth. We all need to work together for a better world.