Writing you everyday allows me to prove to myself how disciplined I can actually be.

I forget this because of the way my mind spins off into different pieces of inexpressible, intangible dreams, hopes, fears, thoughts; or it speeds up and I am moved by my mind and feelings faster than what I need to survive.

I am thinking- How important it is to continue pursuing the things that frighten us (within reason of course, jumping off a bridge if one can’t swim is just a bad idea). I’m talking about the things that change one’s life; the choices that promise a different experience from the mundane, safe one. If for no other reason other than we lose our ability to deal with certain more vibrant aspects of Life if we do not dare.


I’d like to make myself a promise to continue daring.


This compilation of daily letters to you is one such space of daring.

Thank you and Love,