Dear Mother,

So I hear you and your evil husband have been telling my siblings more lies about me.

Latest, you told my brother that the abuse he suffered at your evil husband’s hands (in the basement where your evil husband chained him to a table at the age of 5 and beat him for hours) were a product of my imagination.

My imagination is beautiful. My imagination is a place of honey and bells and colors and flowers.

Lies stop working when we three siblings collectively know the truth.

We 3 were there and we remember.

We suffer that moment over and over.

We can never forget.

There is a reason Holocaust Denial is illegal.

You cannot do what you did to us and say I “made it up”.

You are useless.

I curse both your souls for eternity. This curse frees all my siblings from living in the pain you made.

I curse you for myself. I curse you for E2 and I curse you for E3. I curse you for E4. I curse you for E5.

5 times is a star.

You have been EEEEErased.


++++Mathematical notes to self about the date:

11 30 20 11

11 50 11


8 = eternity