Yo Ehis,

Had a show last night and writing this late.

Thought a lot about how it was a Halloween night and was terribly worried the car was going to get into an accident on the long return trip home……..

Something really strange- on the freeway a man was dressed all in black, riding a bicycle down the expressway, there was no shoulder space to speak of on the road; our car almost hit him. The driver had had a few drinks (older white guy with kids, totally respectable fellow) but was actually totally ok. We were all so freaked out by this guy on his bicycle at 2 in the morning with NO LIGHTS on. We totally almost hit this guy. I don’t know if the universe just wanted me to have a bit of what you experienced that night a few years ago or what…. I feel its dangerous of me to keep feeling like this wasn’t really your fault (remorse, parole board, etc. etc.) except now that I just experienced a halloween where we almost hit this guy with no lights on on the freeway, cars zooming back and forth, I don’t even know what to say. What kind of idiot is on the expressway with no lights on, dressed all in black on a vehicle that cannot compete with cars should one NOT see him?! It was a scary night.